Georgette – fashionistas most loved fabric!

For those all who are interested in knowing the difference between faux georgette and pure georgette or interested in learning something new, here it goes:

Georgette fabric is a light-weighted sheer fabric that is originally made from Silk. It has a light crepe texture with highly twisted threads that give the fabric a flowing-bouncy look. Because of its light-weight, flowing nature and ability to hold heavy work without adding much weight to the attire, it is the most favourite fabric for designers. Pure Georgette fabric is thin in nature and most expensive when compared to other fabrics. As a result, there has been introduction of faux georgette that is considered to be at least 3 times cheaper than the pure georgette.

Faux georgette has polyester weaving done in the fabric that gives it a real hard roughness to it. It gives a crackling kind of feel when rubbed and is quite heavy in comparison to the pure georgette. As a result it gives a synthetic feel and also the attires in faux georgette do not appear flowing or moving on its own.

It is important to note that a lot of shops and designers are using faux georgette while pricing it at the cost of the pure georgette to make huge margins on the attire. Faux georgette loses its colour in a few washes or dry clean and hence, customer ends up paying a huge amount for the not-so-expensive attire.

Pure georgette does not require much special maintenance, however, these key methods should be only resorted to to make sure that the fabric is long lasting in its best condition:

  • Hand wash
  • Use of a light detergent
  • Dry in a shaded location

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Georgette essentially originated in France in the early 90s and because of its tenderness was adopted early on by the Royal families. With the advent of modern machineries and techniques, its cost became lesser that made it affordable for the larger section of people.

Choose the right saree for your body shape!

A typical question that we get from the customers is what kind of saree and draping style shall suit them the best. So here are some thumb rules that you can refer to when confused:

1. Pear – shaped body – This is when women have heavier bottom compared to the upper part and is the most common body type amongst Indian women. This body shape calls for fabrics that have good and smooth fall like georgettes, chiffons. Sarees can have heavy work; in case these are half sarees, the bottom prints can be small compared to the prints on pallu. You can wear it in Gujarati style, lehenga style or V-neck style.

2. Apple – shaped body – Its just the reverse of pear-shaped body and therefore calls for a completely different saree. Silks look absolutely gorgeous on apple – shaped body some. One can also go for cotton fabric with some nice embroidery to it. Its better to avoid short length blouse as it adds to the broad structure. The saree can be draped in a normal way with the pallu being pleated or just pinned at one end and letting the other end loose over the hand.

3. Plump figure – One can wear similar to the ones for pear-shaped, however, draping needs to be simple to hide all those flabs from showing. Also, full-length blouses look good on these figures. Better to choose dark colours as it makes one look slimmer.

4. Hourglass figure – For the lucky ones, this figure can carry all fabrics, colours and prints. Bright colours are recommended to catch everyone’s attention. Blouses can be of the most stylish cuts to depict glam! All saree draping styles look good especially the small pleated and dhoti style ones nicely wrapped in case of georgette and net fabrics to show off those curves.

5. Petite figure – Contrary to the ones with plump figure, these women should go with fabrics like silk, organza etc that are stiffer and gives a more heavier look. Embroideries and work can be heavy, else one can also opt for bold and big prints. Again blouses can be stylish – backless, halters, sleeveless anything that one is comfortable to carry.

Now that you are aware of what kind of saree, blouse and draping to wear, visit our store to check the best one for you and rent it out for your next occasion!