Tips to store sarees and expensive Indian-wear at home

Who doesn’t love to wear heavy and expensive Indian attire on occasions. But rarely people talk about the maintenance it requires to store it in the right condition. Lets see how to store these exclusive garments in the right condition:

  • Make sure your sarees and outfits are clean and dry, before storage
  • Store expensive apparels in clean, dry and dark cupboards, away from light
  • Don’t leave embellished garments hanging on clothes-hangers – exposed to air, mites and dust
  • Instead, keep them wrapped and flat in plain, colorless, un-starched cotton/ muslin fabric
  • Store heavy weaves like Banarasi, Tanchoi and Jamdani separately from other fabrics
  • Store once-worn garments very carefully. There should not be any sweat, oil or food stains. Dry clean, if there is any
  • Keep changing folds of weaker fabrics like tissue, organza, kora silk and tussar as it may tear off from creases, if folds are not re-arranged for a long time

Isn’t that easy!

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