Offline versus Online

Not long before opening Kyasa – The Rental Boutique, I was facing a huge dilemma. Like most people, my mind was juggling between online versus offline store. Every time one part of my brain was inclined towards a certain model, the other part started playing devil’s advocate and tilt my inclination on its side.

To take some guidance, I used the ‘Google’ baba and tried getting some knowledge from the outside world. But it seemed that the world outside was a sheer replica of the struggle going on in my mind. Not that I have anything against any of these business models, I am an avid user of Myntra but at the same time I love going for shopping in Calcutta for ethnic wear for any function.

And thats where I got my answer. For me, when I am going for a heavy outfit, I always love to try out various options, see how I look in those, whether fit is accurate etc. I like knowing about whats trending, new colours, styles, whether these styles suit me or not etc. And the sheer fact that I don’t use ethnic clothes often, every time I shop, I am exposed to this fascinating world of ethnic fashion.

But when it comes to western wear, I use them and shop so often that I prefer using an online store. Extended the same logic, definitely Kyasa needed to have an offline presence. It would have been unfair to take away the joy and happiness out of the stuff that women love doing most!

But with a connected world that we are today, it would also be too naive to not use technology to stay connected, catching a glimpse of what to expect, increase reach, carry out simple tasks etc. So as it is called, get an omni-channel presence; rather than debating on online versus offline, become online to offline, O2O (the buzz word!)

So while we have already started our offline store to let you experience the world that women enjoy, we will be shortly starting our online channel too towards which a short step is this site where you are reading this blog 🙂

Do visit our store at HSR Layout, and don’t shy away from giving us a buzz whenever you wish to.

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